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Established 1973

Serving South Bend for over 40 years

Founded in 1973 by Rick Biggs, Rick’s Auto Body Shop has spent decades building a local reputation for quality and reliability. Today, the shop is run by Dan Biggs, though his father Rick can still be found at work around the shop each day. Our faith-based business is all-American, and family owned. Through two generations, and hopefully a third, we’ve offered dedicated service and quality workmanship to South Bend and the surrounding areas.

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Get a Free Estimate

Our experienced team has decades of experience – our lead tech has been with us for 37 years.

Throughout our years of experience and continued training, we have dedicated ourselves to staying current with technology and focusing on your complete safety after a collision.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to perform thorough safety scans of your vehicle, just like the dealer can, to assess all aspects of damage and ensure that your car is just as safe when it leaves our shop as it was the day you bought it.

Simply Put It’s About You

There is a  clear choice in the repair of your vehicle. Either you’re told what and how your vehicle is repaired by the insurance  company, or you choose. There’s a big difference.

Dealership body shops in the Michiana area typically enter into relationships with insurance companies in order to be what’s known as a “contracted” or “preferred” shops.  This means they work for the insurance company, not the vehicle’s owner. If your insurance company has an office in a dealership body shop,  the body shop is working for them. Unfortunately for the customer, this means they have no say in the repair of their vehicle.

To reach our goal of 100% customer satisfaction, we’re committed to doing repairs that our customers want. This means Rick’s doesn’t have any agreements or contracts with insurance companies.  We happily work WITH all insurance companies,  but we work FOR our customers.

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If you are a claimant (not at fault), more than likely,  you’ll be shorted money by using one of these apps.  If you are the insured (at fault), any non- visible, hidden damage will be missed,  and you wont benefit from the full value of your policy.

Diagnostic Services

Rick’s uses Astech, an on-demand, expert, remote diagnostic tool. Because of this, we have access to OEM diagnostics during dis-assembly and are able to have a complete repair plan, upfront.

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